Men-Disable semua input type dalam Div Element dengan jQuery

#field1 -> berisi input form
#field1 -> berisi input form

Pilih salah satu yang mau diinput pake dropdown.

javascript :

<script type="text/javascript">

/// hide / show elements using dropdown
$('#dropdown_id').on('change', function(e){
var val = $(this).attr('value');
if(val == '1'){
     if(document.getElementById("field1").disabled == true){ dis(document.getElementById("field1")); }
     if(document.getElementById("field2").disabled == true){ dis(document.getElementById("field2")); }

/// disabled input element inside div id
function dis(el){
    try {
	el.disabled = el.disabled ? false : true;
    if (el.childNodes && el.childNodes.length > 0){
	for (var x = 0; x < el.childNodes.length; x++) 

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